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Standard Talk- discuss tactics!
Dec 3, 08 11:20 AM
VALRAVN ALLIANCE- 2 week trial begins!
Nov 10, 08 11:56 AM
Nov 3, 08 8:44 AM
Happy Halloween!
Oct 29, 08 8:32 AM
Oct 9, 08 10:42 AM
Welcome to our new guild website!

Slayers of Sigmar is a Warhammer Online Destruction guild on the Ostermark realm. Our guild is growing and you will find lots of friendly people to do PQ's, Scenarios, Open RvR and lots more!

Standard Talk- discuss tactics!

Mazgruk, Dec 3, 08 11:20 AM.
Please post in the forum if you any opinion on future tactics for standard:

Warped Battle Standard- 3 Slots: 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green.
Bloodied Battle Standard- 3 Slots: 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green.  (only one slot unlocked currently.)

Current Red:
Enhanced Vigor III-  Action Point 30% Regain
Forceful Mending III- Critical Heal Chance increased 5%

Current Blue:
Magic Avoidance III- Disrupt 5%
Enhanced Fame II- Increases Influence gain 10%

Current Green:
Enhanced Brawn III- Strength increased 15%

Future Available Tactics:

1) Increase Renown.
2) Critical chance with Range.
3) Critical chance with Magic.
4) Critical chance with Melee.
5) Reduce chance critical hit.
6) Does 10 damage to attacker when struck by melee.

1) Increase Dodge.
2) Increase Parry.
3) Corporeal Resistance.
4) Elemental Resistance.
5) Spirit Resistance.
6) Increase Armor.

1) Ballistic skill.
2) Toughness.
3) Intelligence.
4) Initiative.
5) Weapon Skill.
6) XP.
7) Willpower.

VALRAVN ALLIANCE- 2 week trial begins!

Mazgruk, Nov 10, 08 11:56 AM.

This is to inform all, that on behalf of the Slayers of Sigmar, I have accepted the invitation to join the Valravn Alliance.

We are currently in a two-week trial period.  At the end of this time, a vote will be taken to confirm (or deny) our full membership in the Valravn Alliance.  All Slayers of Sigmar members are expected to abide by the alliance rules.  These rules are posted under the "member" forum.

Currently, Valravn is composed of:

Hrafn Warband (guild rank 17): 
Guild leader: Cotar
contact: Caleznap

Blackfang Brotherhood (guild rank 16):
Guild leader: Vagzag

GNV (guild rank 10):
Guild leader: Mellisande

I hope this alliance will be mutually beneficial to all guilds involved, and hopefully will open new doors for us in the game, such as claiming keeps!

Also, under the guild alliance tab (in-game), you will be able to see the Alliance leader and officers for each guild.  Currently, everyone besides myself in Slayers of Sigmar is ranked "member".  This allows chat in the alliance channel.  (/as) to speak in alliance channel in-game.  Please be VERY respectful in guild alliance channel, and keep conversations to a minimum. 

Only 5 Alliance officers are allowed per guild, thus I could not promote our entire guild officers.  Soon, I will discuss this with the officers and we can deside how we want to handle this minor inconveinence.  It could be that we only want one or two others as alliance officer to speak as representatives from Slayers of Sigmar.

That's all the information for now.

Good day,

P.S. Special thanks to Vogg and Ratkiller for their networking allowing this alliance to be formed.


KringeWH, Nov 3, 08 8:44 AM.
Nominations have come to a close. The top 3 pics have been added to a new Voting Poll. Please click on VOTING and then the Heraldry Poll to cast your final vote for our guild cloak/standard.

Hey everyone! I've locked the old posts and started a new one in the Members Forums. Please click on the Image Gallery, then Heraldry, and take a look at the 2 images there. One is Guild Emblem Options and has 20 pics and the other is More Heraldry and has 10 pics.  Because there are so many possibilites we've tried to narrow it down a bit. Now you have 30 pics to choose from. Please review the pics and go to the forums and nominate your top 3 choices.

*Important* In your post please note the pic # and the image name. ex.(Guild Emblem #2 or More Heraldry #2)
We need to get a move on this quickly as the guild is fast approaching level 15 where we can wear guild cloaks(altho the emblem itself won't appear till guild rank 20, but our pattern and colors will at 15).

On Thursday, I'll review everyones posts and put the top 3 or so choices up as a Voting Poll and then let everyone cast a final vote.
Voting will end on Saturday and we should then have our winner!

Happy Halloween!

KringeWH, Oct 29, 08 8:32 AM.

Witching Night!

In an announcement yesterday in the WAR Herald, James Nichols announced the upcoming Witching Night to start today (Oct 29) and last till November 2! This is the first of what will undoubtably be a great line of world events planned. 

 Witching Night sounds amazing with a slew of new Open RVR Public Quests (one for each Tier), the rare Mask drops, and more! Here's a link to one of the rewards, Witching Night cloaks!!

Be sure to be on the look out for wandering ghosts of fallen warriors as they’re the targets to reap amazing Witching Night rewards!


Grisrielle, Oct 9, 08 10:42 AM.
I found a site that shows the options for guild heraldry.....Take a look!  What does everyone think?  I know, you were hoping for a naked lady emblem, but what's your next choice?
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